Pure Sunflower Oil

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Cold Pressing is the process in which no-preheated oil seeds are pressed only once, with no additional heat at the lowest temperature possible in order to extract their oil.


  1. It preserves the nutritional properties of the oil i.e. vitamins, tocopherols, essential fatty acids, pigments as well as aromas
  2. The qualities of the first cold-pressed oils are that it is not too light and not too dark in color plus the taste and aroma detect the oilseed used.

Method of extraction:

  1. The nuts are first ground into a paste which is then stirred slowly to encourage the oil in the paste to clump
  2. Pressure is then applied to the paste forcing the oil out which is then graded and bottled

Health benefits of pure cold-pressed extra virgin  sunflower oil:

  1. It helps lower bad cholesterol in the body hence preventing heart diseases
  2. Has anti-cancer properties
  3. Improves sight and reduces sensitivity to light
  4. Improves skin health and promotes regeneration
  5. Helps prevent cancer such as colon cancer
  6. Boosts energy levels in the body
  7. Strengthens immune system
  8. Reduces the severity of arthritis and asthma
  9. Protects skin damage caused by sun and aging as it protects the cell membrane
  10. Helps to remove toxins and heavy metals
  11. Known to help relieve symptoms of asthma
  12. Helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and scars when used as a massage oil
  13. Contains vitamin E, fatty acids, and omega 6 and 3 for higher brain functioning


Use in all your cooking as a top dressing for salads.

DO NOT overheat as this will break down the natural nutrients and flavors which are not able to handle high heat. It can also be taken raw one teaspoon a day for good health.



1. What is cold-pressed sunflower oil good for?

PUFAs can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, especially when substituted for less-healthy fats. Monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs, also appear in sunflower oil. MUFAs may reduce heart disease. MUFAs in olive oil help make the Mediterranean diet healthy.

2. What is the difference between refined oil and cold-pressed oil?

Refined oils are extracted using high heat. On the other hand, cold-pressed oils are crushed slowly to extract oil from them. No heat is generated during the process. This also helps in retaining the nutrients and the flavors.

3. Testing by freezing:

Take at least one cup of oil and keep it in a refrigerator for 2-3 hours. If you found the oil freezing with some white, then the oil contains adulteration. 2

4. What are the benefits of cold-pressed oils?

Cold-pressed oils are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, and other healthy fats as they preserve the potent nutrients of their ingredients and maintain their natural form.

 5. Why cold pressed oil is expensive?

Of all these oils, organically produced cold-pressed oil is the most expensive solely because of its stupendous health endowments, flavor and richness. … Also during the refining process chemicals are added to keep the oil from going rancid so that supermarkets can keep it longer on their shelves

6. What is the difference between cold-pressed and virgin oil?

This is where the main difference lies between cold-pressed and virgin oil, and its extraction method. Cold-pressed coconut oil is extracted from copra or dried coconut kernel, usually after drying coconuts in the sun. … However virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fresh coconut milk and left to settle down.

7. Can we heat cold-pressed oil?

Can we heat cold-pressed oil? Cold-pressed oil can be used for cooking, ideal for food that is prepared on low/medium heat. Remember, the extraction technique uses minimal heat so that the purpose of retaining the oil’s beneficial properties is served.

8. Does cold-pressed mean organic?

Organic oils are not extracted using high heat and are mostly cold-pressed.

It contains cold-pressed marula oil to help seal split ends and enhance shine. Off the shelf is fine, just make sure it’s cold-pressed and organic. Some is produced in a centrifuge, but the best comes cold-pressed.

9. What is the temperature of cold-pressed oil?

While heat is necessarily released during the pressing process, the temperature may not exceed 49 °C (120 °F) in order for the oil to be designated as cold-pressed. Oils extracted in this way retain their genuine flavor, aroma, and nutrients. for cold pressing.





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