Our Growth

Filled with lots of enthusiasm, we supplied Real Honey while educating consumers on the behavior of Natural Honey. The experience was amazing and this helped build passion as customers kept asking if we could venture into Natural Herbal Teas and traditional vegetables which were not available in the city then. From our burning zeal for diversity coupled with hard work, Nature’s Health Limited was conceived.

Since then, we haven’t looked back as this valued feedback has continuously kept coming from the retailers who were being bothered by the shoppers on alternative products.  In addition, we invested in a milling plant as there was public demand for healthy flour. This was in 2012 when we introduced Equatorial Afya Ugali and a range of Healthy Equatorial porridge flours into the market. These are whole grain flour, healthy and enriched with natural ingredients.

To us, growth has been continuous and at the end of every year, a summary of feedback from consumers, shop attendants, and retail owners is always observed and attended to. Over the years we introduced a catalogue of organic products that included Moringa Oleifera powder which like other herbs is filled with immense health benefits, barley grass powder, Chamomile, Wheatgrass powder, Lemongrass powder, and  Equatorial Kitchen Aid Health Drink. Most consumers thought it wise to have one type of all our herbal teas combined together; we therefore decided to blend a mixture of some of our herbal teas in addition to PRUNUS AFRICANA thus giving it the name Equatorial Kitchen Aid Health Drink.