Herbal Mchuzi

KSh 150.00

Herbal Mchuzi 50g

Herbal Mchuzi 100g




Every bottle of herbal Mchuzi mix is bursting with invigoratingly fresh flavors from Mother  Nature’s garden.



Corn flour, mixed herbs, cumin, ginger, stinging nettle, garlic, kelp, spirulina, and Moringa


Health benefits:

  1. Has anti-oxidants that help neutralize chemical effects in your food
  2. Help in boosting your immunity
  3. Colon cancer prevention
  4. Management of morning sickness
  5. prevents or relieves heartburn
  6. prevents mouth ulcers
  7. Coriander is good in iron content which directly helps cure anemia
  8. These benefits are accompanied by a lot more from the individual contents of herbal Mchuzi mix such as stinging nettle, garlic, and many more



Add your herbal Mchuzi mix towards the end of your cooking. Enjoy while hot.


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