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    Real Honey

    It's a superlative food for the body's cells, tissues & organs.
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    Brown Rice

    Rich source of fibre, controls high blood pressure.
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    Contains antioxidants, Vitamins. Increases energy levels.
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    Sunflower Oil

    Lowers bad cholesterol in the body.Contains Vitamin E.

Welcome to Nature's Health Ltd.

NATURE’S HEALTH LTD formed with an objective of providing information to customers on Healthy Lifestyle and providing Natural and Organic Healthy Foods. Our strength is therefore built on the 8 pillars of good health. (8 fundamentals to healthy lifestyle i.e. NEW START)

Nature's Health Ltd is a leading wholesale distributor of health food, natural food and organic food products. Nature's Health Ltd have supplied healthy food products to large and small retailers for over 5 years within Kenya.

We enjoy strong relationships with all types of retailers. From independent and traditional health food shops and cafes to larger multiple retailers, supermarkets and e-commerce retailers. We provide the very best products with excellent service through sustainable and ethical business practices and we deliver daily to retailers across Kenya and beyond, supported by dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Everything we do contributes to ensuring that our retailer customers and product suppliers continue to remain at the heart of our business.

All I can assure, we don’t just produce to supply but first upon comprehensive research we put the product on trial with our loyal customers, we leave them craving for more. Try and see for yourself the products especially Kitchen Aid, it’s wonderful, remunerates and increases energy level.

Our Strategy

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Our Strategy and Mission is to provide a broad range of 100% organic food products for consumers on the basis of quality and affordability. As we see it taste is everything and we as consumers should be able to choose everyday food products which are healthy for us and our families.

We also wanted to make our products readily available for you at your local supermarket and at the same time provide real value for money with a variety of choice. We are now very proud to say that we have established our two main brand identities as household names for Irish consumers nationwide.

Guaranteed Quality

All the products that we supply to customers are purely as per the description. We guarantee quality as we are involved in the production of our products from the farm level i.e. planting, harvesting, packaging and delivering to the market. We are involved in every step of the way and witness the end production hence BEST QUALITY. The naturally grown product is harvested from forests and bushes i.e. the neem, and nettle. Others such as lemongrass, chamomile, and wheatgrass are grown on organic soils. No use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

With continuous growth year after year, it has given Catherine the enthusiasm and passion to serve and personally conduct and give backups to our customers such as in store promotions once a product is new on market, educating the customers on the health benefits and even on how to use products. This has enabled boosting of our daily sales to an average of 300%. A strong rappel has grown since then, and many call me “MAMA ASALI”

Over the years, it’s habitual to put down valuable feedback from consumers and therefore another birth of even a wider Natural & Organic – in the year 2008, Herbal Mchuzi Mix, Cold pressed Sunflower, Brown Rice, Hibiscus, Mixed Herbal, Chamomile
hit the market. Since then, we haven’t looked back as valued feedback has continuously kept coming from the retailers who were being bothered by the shoppers on alternative products.  In addition, we invested into a milling plant as there was public demand on healthy flour. This was in the year 2012 when we introduced Equatorial Afya Ugali into the market. It's a whole grain flour, healthy and enriched with natural ingredients.

To us, growth has been continuous and the end of every year a summary of feedback from consumers, shoppers, shop attendants and retail owners is always observed and attended to depending on availability and ability to supply.
The year 2014 has also brought forth Moringa Oleifera powder which like other herbs is filled with immense health benefits. This too was as a result of public demand which came along with a product called Equatorial Kitchen Aid Health Drink. Most consumers thought it wise to have one type of all our herbal teas combined together, we therefore decided to blend a mixture of some of our herbal teas in addition to PRUNUS AFRICANA thus giving it the name Equatorial Kitchen Aid Health Drink.

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