• 1Highway view during the night

    Real Honey

    It's a superlative food for the body's cells, tissues & organs.
  • 2An alley leadign to a big houser, surrounded by flowers

    Brown Rice

    Rich source of fibre, controls high blood pressure.
  • 3A suitcase on the beach and a woman in the distance


    Contains antioxidants, Vitamins. Increases energy levels.
  • 4Big room with a large, classic sofa in it

    Sunflower Oil

    Lowers bad cholesterol in the body.Contains Vitamin E.

Consumer Education

Also to note is that advances in higher techniques of medicine have not altered the advances of killer diseases.
The culture/traditional diet amongst the various tribes here in Kenya and Africa usually is very balanced from time immemorial.
Helps build strong resistance to infections unlike today with current generations which has shifted to sugary, refined and processes food, use of preservatives and hence an increase in lifestyle related diseases even to the very young children. Use of agriculture chemicals i.e. pesticides, ferterlizers, etc. Agrochemicals containing organic phosphate cause cancer.
Obey the low of nature and that our bodies are the “TEMPLE OF THE LORD”. Our bodies are wonderfully made to last a lifetime without having illness, diseases, stress, sleepless night, obesity, infertility,axiety etc. Through the information we give, you shall discover how the choices you make affect your health, environment and relationships.

Consumer Education

Some of farm chemicals being used on plants and animals have been banned in western countries but developing countries continue to use them, hence negative effects on people health upon consuming the food i.e. growth hormones. These are mainly lifestyle related – they are the diseases of affluence, too much eating and drinking, too much smoking, little or no exercise at all.
The modern hospital is treating the symptoms but it’s time to know the causes.
The good thing noted with lifestyle diseases, is that they are preventable and reversible.
The main cause of this is a result of poor & unbalanced, refined, processed, salted, chemically engineered food to enhance taste/flavor. These foods are low in nutrients and high in calories.
Also note that previously with older generations, the main protein source was from plants unlike animal protein filled with cholesterol and rich in fats.
The processed foods are low in fiber, high fat and cholesterol levels which damage the oxygen carrying arteries, affecting important metabolic functions because of thickened and narrowed arteries that cause heart attack, blood pressure, and stroke. Disordered metabolism from unbalanced lifestyle cause obesity and diabetes.

Consumer Education

N/B. Food grown is naturally balanced, refinement stripes food off most of its fiber, nutrients. Processing adds calories, subtracts nutrients and contributes myriads of chemical additives.
ADVICE: Have the desire (want to change)
-Knowledge-(know what to change and understand)
-Shall know what to do and how to do it                                                                               
Until the behavior becomes automatic i.e. you are what you eat, Ref: (Proverbs 21:23) “He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity".
By eating more of whole plant food one can enjoy optional health and energy. “ALL THIS CALLS FOR DISCIPLINE.”
As a society for us to fight the lifestyle diseases, we need to have a culture of training the young ones on the right food, Ref: (Proverbs 22:6) “Train the child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it” A void foods that causes coronary heart diseases, Ref: (Proverbs 4:23) “Keep your heart with all vigilance, as from it, flows the spring of life.

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